The Pros And Cons Of Online Meetings

With more than a hundred countries, thousands of businesses transacting online, and billions of people connected to it, online meetings aren’t new. The internet has totally revolutionized how we do business and since it has worked for so many people, it’s likely to stay.

Now, even with its obvious advantages, people are still hesitant about taking the digital road when it comes to hosting meetings. In this article, we’ll present the pros and cons of online meetings so you’ll know if it’s the best option for your next meeting. Read on!

The Pros

  • It’s Cheap

Speedy and reliable internet connection only costs a few dollars per month. If you’ve already got this installed in your office (for sending emails, research, et cetera) then you’ve got half of the work done. Even if your colleagues are halfway across the world, you don’t have to book flights just to talk to them.

Online Business Meetings The Good, the Bad and the High Tech

Online Business Meetings The Good, the Bad and the High Tech

  • Fast

You don’t need to head to a certain place and get caught in the traffic. In fact, if you want to push it, you don’t even need to take a bath just to go to an online meeting. Just log on and voila, you’re connected. Other time savings include switching presentations and passing files around.

  • Paperless

Another advantage of going online for conducting meetings is it’s paperless. Instead of passing papers around, you can just upload a file online. For attendance, it can simply be done with logs, which is more accurate because of the time element.

The Cons

  • Time Difference

If you are having a meeting with colleagues from halfway across the world, you have to work with the time difference. If you’re the boss, or the client being pursued, the meeting will magically coincide with the best time for you. However, if you’re on the other end of the ruler, you might find it difficult to come to the meeting on time. It’s extra work.

5 Things to Avoid When Making a Conference Call

5 Things to Avoid When Making a Conference Call

  • Lags

Another thing about harnessing computers and internet connection for an important meeting is being heavily dependent on them. So if your computer suddenly lags, or the internet connection turns slow, or worse, gets cut for no reason, you just wasted your time and will have to reschedule. Hope you don’t lose an account along the way, though.

  • Clarity

It’s always better to see the ones you are talking to, so you know exactly how they react towards a certain opinion, so you’ll automatically see if they like or dislike an idea. In crucial meetings, it’s very important to gauge reactions so you can interact better and when needed, change the course of a losing argument.

See, there are heavy and valid pros and cons about conducting online meetings. Make sure you’ll keep this in mind and factor these in the next time you decide about doing one.

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5 Ways To Tell You’re About To Get Dumped

A lot of people are coward when it comes to be the one to end a relationship. Mostly men don’t have the courage to tell their partner that it’s not working out. A feeling of uneasiness and aggression in a relationship can be a sign of an upcoming breakup. When the bomb finally explodes, it may seem sudden to you but your partner might have been giving you signals that it is eventually going to happen. Men are especially known for his trait of giving a vibe of uneasiness before saying it in clear words. Here are some things that can help you identify if you’re about to be dumped.

Long hours at work

When a relationship seems to have lost its flame, guys try to get away with the situation by spending more time at work. It takes this burden of a meaningless relation off their head. He might be upset because things aren’t going so well with you. It is his way of saying he needs more space.

How To Survive Being Dumped

How To Survive Being Dumped

He stops inviting you to hang out with his friends

If your partner is upset about the relationship situation, he’d want to be away from you most of the time. In the start of relationship, he might have invited you to hang out with his friends and introduced to his circle to make you feel comfortable. But with time when he starts to think that the relationship isn’t going anywhere, he’d want you to keep at a distance with his friends. It will give him time to adjust back in his circle after he breaks up with you.

He keeps intimacy off the table

This is a major sign of an off relationship. Intimacy increases the likeness for the partner. If he’s talking more about random stuff and is trying to avoid being intimate with you and cuddle you to sleep daily, it’s probably because he isn’t interested in you anymore. Otherwise what kind of guy wouldn’t want to sleep with his hot girlfriend?

How to Dump Him Without Saying a Word

How to Dump Him Without Saying a Word

He stops sharing details

If he stops sharing the details of his life with you and doesn’t discuss his day at work with you anymore, it might be because of the fact that he has already broken up with you in his head. Guys love to talk to their partners about issues and details because they know that women are good at listening. If he has stopped sharing these things with you, it’s the sign of an upcoming blast.

He avoids kissing you in public

Guys kiss their partners in public because they want the world to know that they belong together. If he’s avoiding to kiss you in public and doesn’t walk with his arm around you as he used to, this change of routine might be an indication of lack of flame. in the relationship. It’s about time you realize that he’s going to stick with you forever.

Breakups are not always sudden; a tiny cause may keep messing with you and eventually end up in a break up. If you’re seeing these signs in your partner’s behavior, you should prepare yourself for the breakup so that you don’t get hurt a lot when the bomb finally explodes in your face. 

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3 Major Health Concerns Caused By Lack Of Sleep

There are some people who suffer from sleep deprivation. It is easy to identify who these people are. They are the ones with droopy eyelids and dark areas below the eyes. They also lack energy. If you have some of these signs, then you are probably sleep deprived. By being sleep deprived, you are depriving yourself of the benefits that adequate sleep gives the human body. Here are 3 health concerns that may affect you if you don’t get enough sleep.

1. Sleep deprivation can lead to the development of serious health problems

Studies have shown that people who have insomnia, a disorder that is characterized by trouble falling and staying asleep, also have another health concern. This concern could be diseases of the heart, irregular heartbeats, hypertension, and diabetes. Chronic sleep loss could also put you at risk to these diseases. You can also add stroke to the list of health problems by being sleep deprived. These are serious health problems that can lead to death if not detected and managed at its early stage.

Chronic lack of sleep affects one in three British workers

Chronic lack of sleep affects one in three British workers

2. You can get dumb by being sleep deprived

Two of the most important cognitive processes in life are thinking and learning. Sleep plays a very important role in making you think properly as well as in learning new things. Less or lack of sleep can impair the concentration and attention of a person. The lack of energy will also decrease alertness level. Without attention, concentration and energy, you cannot learn effectively. When this happens, you will have poor reasoning and cannot solve problems efficiently. Also, lack of sleep can hinder your ability to recall things. Your memory becomes blurred and you won’t be able to remember the things that you have learned.

3. Lack of sleep affects your sex drive

You will have little interest in sex if you are sleep deprived. The reason behind this is that when you lack sleep your libido is also lessened. Also, you will lose interest in sex because you are too tired, you are always drowsy, and you become irritated easily. For couples, this can be a major reason why they fight and end up splitting. For men, they can have low testosterone levels when they lack sleep or they have interrupted sleep. Testosterone is important for men as this is what keeps them invigorated and active. Without it they will probably experience a sexual slump. Sex is important for men and women and without it life can get boring.



Having 7 to 8 hours of sleep can already do wonders for you. There are lots of things that you can get from having the right amount of sleep. It’s one good way to keep yourself healthy. It also helps prevent cancers and heart diseases. Furthermore, sufficient sleep increases life span and can make you look young and fresh. So make it a point to get enough sleep each day. This way, you can stay away from health problems caused by sleep deprivation and you can lead a healthier life.

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5 Biggest Resume Mistakes You Should Avoid

Drafting a resume isn’t as simple as many think especially if it’s long ever since you needed one, or you had a lengthy career. This may sound outrageous but the truth is many people can’t do themselves justice in writing. Resume writing is very challenging and needs to be crafted awesomely for it to secure you an interview. Summarizing relevant skills, conveying your brand, describing your work style and effectively passing your points to the employer isn’t easy for anyone. Even a proficient writer or a marketer can be challenged. Here is a list of the 5 biggest resume mistakes to avoid:

1. Grammar and spelling mistakes

This is the most common mistake many commit when crafting their resumes. What makes it more heinous is the fact that it’s completely avoidable. There is no justifiable excuse for a spelling or grammatical mistake on your resume. If you are not sure if it’s perfect enough, have someone else read it before you send it. When it comes to first impression you will not get the second chance and that’s why you should always be keen. Grammar and spelling mistakes on your resume sends out a negative picture of you. It tells your employer that you are ignorant, you don’t pay attention and that you are uneducated at worst.

7 Biggest Resume Mistakes You can Make

7 Biggest Resume Mistakes You can Make

2. Not putting important keywords

Keywords are very important in a resume. Forgetting to use industry’s specific keywords may affect your resumes approval. You should place them properly in your resume; the best place to put keywords is on the top section because this is where recruiting manager’s eyes will land first. Short keywords are great ways to tell your employer more about your credibility and expertise.

3. Length and text density

Too long or too short sentences and you’ve lost your opportunity. Keep your paragraphs to 3-5 sentences. The same goes for the bullets if you decide to use them instead of paragraphs. This is because long sentences portrays information overload and you may lose your audience while short sentences makes you appear under qualified.

The 5 Biggest Cover Letter Mistakes

The 5 Biggest Cover Letter Mistakes

4. Listing your responsibilities instead of accomplishments

Most of hiring managers don’t like resumes that are exact replica of the job ad because they already know what they need. What they expect is for you to tell them how you are going to meet their needs. You should draft your resume in a way that you demonstrate your expertise and accomplishments in a specific area. It’s obvious that you encountered some challenges with your previous employer, how did you address these challenges and what were the results? If you answer these questions effectively, you give your resume a competitive advantage.

5. Unrelated content

In most cases people are not sure of what they need to put in their resume, they are left wondering whether to list their hobbies, extracurricular activities or where they attended their high school. What you should do is to ask yourself, does this relate to my focus or the job at hand? NOTE: you should always focus on the purpose.

Remember that a resume is one of the most important documents you can draft for your job search. Make exceptional first impression. Be keen and try as much as you can to avoid these 5 mistakes and see your resume produce positive results.

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Develop A Great Corporate Culture And Keep Employees Happy With These Easy Ways

Many companies fail to recognize the importance of developing a great corporate culture. A great corporate culture improves job satisfaction. And when employees are satisfied, they don’t only perform better, but they also stay longer. Is it hard to have a great corporate culture? No, not necessarily. There are easy ways to do it. Here are some of the most effective methods:

Be honest about the company’s existing culture

Just because you badly want to hire a person, you’ll misrepresent your culture and say false things about it. Always be honest to the people you want to hire as well as to your new hires. You don’t want them to get disappointed once they realize you were just fooling them.

5 Ways to Retain Your Best Employees

5 Ways to Retain Your Best Employees

Don’t focus on money alone. Consider other factors

We know that people work in order to earn, but it doesn’t mean you should only focus on giving them a good pay. You also need to make sure that they have a comfortable and safe working environment. You likewise provide them with the appropriate health benefits. If possible, you can put up a fitness center or give free meals.

Praise those who have done a good job

It’s not so hard to praise someone for doing a great job. Recognize an employee doesn’t have to be expensive. You can simply let the employee as well as his or her co-workers know about the achievement. You’ll surely motivate the person to work harder.

Can employers buy staff monogamy?

Can employers buy staff monogamy?

Make sure your company has good leaders

A lot of employees leave not because they’re not happy with their work, but they loathe their managers. So take the time to know your managers better. Make sure they have a good relationship with their subordinates. Employees stay longer and perform better when they’re happy with their managers.

Encourage them to take vacations

Employees who go on breaks are more productive than those who are always in the office. They are less stressed and have healthier lifestyles. You don’t want your people to suffer a burnout because it can affect productivity significantly.

Develop their skills

There are a lot of programs that can develop your employees’ skills. Let them take part in seminars and mentoring programs. This doesn’t only benefit your people, but also the company. When you find a new talent, you can make use of that talent rather than spend more by hiring an additional employee.

Show your employees that you care

There are so many ways to show that you care. You can give them more free time or provide them with free food during certain days. During the holiday season, give them an additional day off so they can shop. You don’t spend too much when you do these things, but employees will surely appreciate it.

Every successful business has a great corporate culture, so strive hard to improve yours. Moreover, don’t focus on retaining people so you can lessen your recruitment expenses. You want employees to be engaged, motivated, and productive at all times. That’s what you can get when you do your part in improving your corporate culture.

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